Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Man Who Murdered His Mother-in-Law - Audiobook Review

Title: The Man Who Murdered His Mother-in-Law
Author: Jeffrey Hatcher
Narrator: Steve Hendrickson
Unabridged Length: 0 h, 35 m
Published by Audio-Visceral, 2012
Genres: Mysteries & Thrillers

From the Publisher:
With Bollinger tastes on a Blatz budget, Gerald & Laura despair over their down-at-heel life until Laura's mother suggests a bizarre and unnerving solution.

My Review:
This afternoon, I listened to a really well done short audio drama entitled "The Man Who Murdered His Mother-in-Law" performed by Steve Hendrickson and produced by Audio-Visceral. It was a fun whodunit with a couple of twists I sure didn't see coming. I was immediately sucked into the story.

This is the story of Gerald and Laura, an unmarried couple that like to live high but have a limited budget. Laura is counting on a sizeable inheritance when her widowed mother dies, as her mother is diagnosed with imminent kidney failure that will quickly be followed by death. Or at least something like that. With the diagnosis, her mother seeks legal counsel relative to the impending inheritance and discovers inheritance taxes will take a large portion of the estate, unless she can will it to a spouse. She offers an interesting and what becomes a very amusing suggestion to Laura.

Since Laura is willing to do pretty much anything to protect the inheritance, she has Gerald marry her mom and move with her to a Florida retirement community. That’s when the story takes off on a fun ride of twists and turns. I’ll leave it that as to not give away what happens.

Jeffrey Hatcher has written a great short story that perfectly fits the audio format. Steve Hendrickson shines with great story telling and a nice job voicing all of the characters. The audio production was flawless. Appropriate music was subtly used at scene changes, and the sound effects worked well. It was great entertainment for 37 minutes and for 99 cents, the price is right.

A review copy of The Man Who Murdered His Mother-in-Law was provided by Audio-Visceral through the Solid Gold Reviewer program of Audiobook Jukebox.

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